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Tiger's Eye & Amethyst Gemstone(FEB. Birthstone) Satin Cord Necklace - Approx 26 inch

This attractive unisex necklace is handcrafted with care. Featuring a Tiger's Eye gemstone donut pendant backed by a slightly larger Amethyst donut pendant. Approx. 26 inches in length, this necklace is a great accent piece for any outfit as well as a casual design for everyday wear. Unisex.

Tiger's Eye is known for it's harmonizing qualities. It enables the wearer to channel greater creativity and positivity. Capable of harmonizing the energy centers in the body, it allows one to reach a new balance. Amethyst is the stone of happiness; it promotes sincerity and patience, heals negativity, and encourages contentment. Known as the Sobriety Stone and the Master Healing Crystal, it relieves stress, soothes irritability, balancing mood, dispelling anger, fear, sadness and anxiety.