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Double Infinity Symbol Faux Leather Wrap Bracelet

Comfortable and trendy, this bracelet is great for men or women!  Made with Black faux leather with a double infinity symbol as the focal point. This attractive bracelet wraps three to four times around the wrist depending on your size. 

Bracelet measures approx. 22 inches with a convenient snap button closure allowing you two choices for snug or loose fit. Unisex

Infinity symbol jewelry gifts are perfect for a range of occasions:

* A single infinity symbol can be taken as a statement of the eternal love a couple has for one another. When incorporated into a heart, the combined symbolism strengthens the romantic association. * When given to a friend, the infinity symbol represents eternal friendship, indicating that you value their friendship and will hold onto it. * To a graduate or someone coming of age, giving an infinity gift represents the endless opportunities and path ahead of them. * For Christians, an infinity with a cross symbolizes God’s eternal love for them and eternal life offered from such love. It can also reflect a Christian’s devotion and obedience to God. A triple infinity symbol can also represent your family or the trinity within Christianity.

Great as a gift or treat yourself!