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Turquoise Arrowhead Waxed Cord surfer Bracelet - Unisex

This turquoise Arrowhead bracelet is not only for the surfer. This easy and comfortable design is made for any size wrist. Made with 1mm brown waxed polyester cord and an artfully detailed silver plated Arrowhead connector with a turquoise inlay design. 

Native Americans have long believed that wearing a arrowhead, as a talisman around the neck, is a symbol of protection, courage and strength.

They also believed that the arrowhead protected them from illness and acted as a guard against the Evil Eye. It would deflect any negative energy, protect them from their enemies and absorb their power.

Great to stack with many or wear alone. 

A comfortable adjustable closure allows for a perfect fit for any recipient.

Great as a gift or treat yourself!