What is my size?

We are currently working to make the majority of our items adjustable so there is no need to buy for one size. For those items that remain sizeable, use the directions below to help get your size just right.

TO DETERMINE YOUR BRACELET SIZE: Simply measure your wrist (w/ a tape, snug above the wrist bone) to pick the right size as I make the bracelet to your wrist size. You can round 'up' to the nearest size for comfort, (or not if you want a snug fit). The extension chain allows to adjust the fit from snug to loose.

TO DETERMINE YOUR ANKLET SIZE:  Measure your ankle where you want your anklet to lay. When it comes to how to wear an anklet, some choose to wear it loosely hanging from the ankle while others prefer it to be snug and above the ankle bone. An extension chain is included for ease of adjustment.

To measure the proper size, first, wrap around a measuring tape where you want to wear the bracelet. Second, Add a half inch to the measurement. Here we list women’s standard anklet sizes below:

  • 8 inches (petite).
  • 8.5 inches  (small).
  • 9 inches (standard)-the average anklet size. 
  • 9.5 inches  (medium)-popular size. 
  • 10 inches (large).


Consider the wearer’s torso length, chest size and overall body type:

    • A chain will look shorter on someone with a longer torso or a larger chest than it will on a smaller body type.

TO DETERMINE YOUR NECKLACE SIZE: Measure your neck where you want your necklace to lay. You can round 'up' to the nearest size for comfort. And, as always, our necklace designs include and extension chain to enable an adjustment.

Here is a diagram of necklace lengths for your convenience.

TO DETERMINE YOUR RING SIZE:  Simply measure where you want the ring to sit for your midi ring, thumb ring, pinky ring or any finger.  (If you don't have a tape measure, you can use a non-stretchy string or paper strip and a ruler. Just wrap it around your finger. Then measure that piece of string or paper to get your ring size.) 

Use the ring size chart below to find your fit by cm:

Circumference (cm) Ring Size
5 cm 5
5.5 cm 6
6 cm 7
6.5 cm 8
7 cm 9
7.5 cm 10
8 cm 11

We also carry a ring-sizer that you can order from the shop if you'd like to establish the size(s) you need before you order!