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How To Add Some Bling To Your Spring Garden

How To Add Some Bling To Your Spring Garden

While most of the US is trapped under a few inches of ice and snow, it’s actually a great time to start planning your spring garden. Around February is when passionate gardeners start dreaming up what flower beds, spices, and veggies they might want to plant soon. If you want the most beautiful garden on the block, we have some ideas to help add a little bling to your green space. 

First, Add Some Color To Your Garden

Instead of simply loading up on your favorite plants, take time to consider the color wheel and how you can get a more vibrant, colorful garden this year. Did you know that different color combinations can change the whole look and feel of your garden? Cool colors like purple, silver, and blue can create a calming look, while warm colors like reds and yellows will give your garden an upbeat vibe. 

Another way to add color to a garden is to add sculptures and water fountains throughout. You can add colorful lawn chairs to your patio and put a fresh coat of bright paint on your shed to add even more color. A mosaic garden path will add variety and excitement to your garden. 

Turn Your Flower Garden Into A Fairy Garden With Crystal Jewels

Want to turn your garden into a place of magic and wonder? Turn in your plain wooden gardening stakes for these bright multi-colored fairy wands. These fairy wands are made to be gardening stakes and are composed of many different crystal beads and an ornate crystal ball topper.

You can also choose other toppers such as a beach theme, seahorses, dragonflies, the sun, birdhouses, and more. The stakes come in two sizes, a 12” stake perfect for indoor plants and a 24” stake that’s better for outdoor use. 


Are you more of a gnome lover? You can decorate your indoor or outdoor garden with crystal jewels and an adorable Nordic gnome topper with different color hats. The jeweled garden stakes again come in 12” and 24” heights. You’ll enjoy looking at these tiny creatures as you tend to your plants. 

 Crystal jewels are the perfect element to add some bling to your garden because the jewels catch the sunlight and let it dance across the landscaping with breathtaking effect. Brighten up your indoors by adding one to your potted plants as well!

Click here for some ideas on how to create a small patio garden this Spring. 

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