Summer is Back!

Summer is Back!

Summer is Back!

After 2020, the much anticipated return of the best season is finally here!  The sun, longer days, flowers in bloom and summer outfits are back for us to enjoy as the pandemic winds down. What’s not to love? 

After a year of having to stay indoors and missing summer last year, everyone is ready for some fun in the sun! Here are some fun summer activities to get you back into the swing of things as the world reopens. 


1. Picnics

Get ready for a day of fun in the sun! One of the greatest joys of summer is the ability to eat outside whenever you please. Whether it's a park, beach or even a backyard, grab your favorite food and drink and step outside with some friends.  For a day in the sun, always dress comfortably. Want to dress it up, without sacrificing comfort? No problem! Add a little summer flair to any outfit with these gorgeous bangles!

2. Concerts/Festivals

Music is back for the summer! Nothing is better than live music outdoors and summery drinks on a breezy summer night. After a day soaking up some rays, check out an outdoor concert near you.  Local and national acts are all back on tour! No matter what concert you decide on, it’s easy to glamorize your ‘fit with any of these beachy  earrings.  Dress them up or down, the choice is yours.  After all, isn’t life about options? 

3. Travel

Traveling is a thing again!  Whether it's overseas or in the US, it’s wonderful to be able to move around again.  Traveling obviously requires multiple outfits and jewelry options. Sometimes you may need up to 3 outfits a day! We put together our bundles for this exact purpose. Find your favorite bundle, of our handcrafted jewelry, for that perfect day to evening vacation vibe!


4. Patio Dining

Nothing says summer like patio drinks and dinner. A perfect Margarita hits the spot on those hot, humid summer days, doesn’t it? After the pandemic, your local restaurants and small businesses could use a little support.  Eat, drink, chat and laugh the night away, watching the sunset from your favorite restaurant, with your favorite people. Beach Jewelry accentuates summer’s casual atmosphere at even the fanciest of restaurants. 


5. Amusement Parks

If you love Disney or are more of an adventurous Six Flags type of person, amusement parks are up and running this summer!  We know that kids love amusement parks, but they are just as fun for adults too.  What’s more fun than riding roller coasters, eating ice cream and getting to meet your favorite Disney Prince and Princesses? Make sure you make a great first impression on Prince Charming with our Beachy bundles!  Who could possibly resist? Our bundles also make for great gifts. Buy one for a friend and pick one up for yourself. 

Whatever your perfect summer scenario is, our handcrafted beach jewelry at Ladybugfeet Designs is sure to be a perfect fit.  With our designs, summer comes to you!


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