5 Ways To Elevate Your Look During A Pandemic

5 Ways To Elevate Your Look During A Pandemic

5 Ways To Elevate Your Look During A Pandemic

At first, we were all really excited to be wearing athleisure every day. Now that we’ve been battling this pandemic into a second year, even our comfy clothes are starting to make us feel a little unmotivated. 

Just because you’re staying home more and having all your work meetings on Zoom is no reason to completely ignore your look. Here are some simple ideas to elevate your quarantine wardrobe without sacrificing the comfort you’ve come to enjoy. 

#1. Start Dressing Up For Work Again

Wearing sweats every day to work from home during lockdown seemed like a blessing, but if you’ve noticed your mood and productivity dropping, the clothing could be one reason. Many psychologists believe that putting effort into your appearance actually elevates your mood, gives you confidence, and helps you stay motivated. So dig into the back of your closest and get your work clothes back out, see if it helps. Careerware and a little makeup can brighten your workday. 

Girl working on computer at desk.


#2. Try Simple Summer Dresses

When people think comfort they usually think about sweatpants and soft t-shirts but other clothes can be comfortable as well. Simple summer dresses made from loose-knit fabric are very popular right now and very comfortable to wear around the house. Check out this Spohie Summer Dress by ShopDressUp.com

Girl in red summer dress

#3. Go For Dramatic Eyes

Did you know that false eyelash sales have been up by 15% during the pandemic? When you have to wear your mask in public it takes away from the curated makeup look we normally present to the world. If you miss your blush and lipgloss, you can still feel beautiful by drawing all the attention to your eyes with dramatic eyeshadow and perfect lashes. 

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#4. Buy Some New Clothes

Dressing down because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you don’t disservice nice new things! Going on an online shopping spree to spice up your wardrobe will not only elevate your look but give you renewed confidence. It can be more difficult to select clothes online without trying them on so know your body’s measurements and only shop from places with liberal and easy return policies. 

#5. Glamorize Your Casual Clothes With Fun Jewelry 

Remember when you were a kid and putting on all your mother’s jewelry at once made you feel like a princess? Why not splurge on some beautiful bling to dress up your leggings and comfy tops? Ladybugfeetdesigns.com has some affordable bling that won’t bust your budget. 

Take a look at these BOLO Bracelets. Sparkly crystal geodes with a gold chain. A natural and simplistic design that can give any outfit a boost. 

Crystal Druzy Slice bracelets

Check out all of our designs, and pick up some gifts for yourself on our website. Our spring selection will have you falling in love with your wardrobe all over again. Don’t forget, Mother’s day is just around the corner. We have some special products just for her. 

Mother and Child necklace

Mother & Child Necklace

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