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Friends are incredibly important. They stay with us in both good and bad moments. If they can cheer us up when we are feeling down, they are also there to celebrate our wins with us.

The truth is that time flies and most of the time, we just don't appreciate our friends as we should. So, no matter if your best girlfriend's birthday is just around the corner or not, you can surely show her your appreciation and love. In case you run out of ideas, don't despair. We have your back.


6 Gift Ideas For Your Best Girlfriend

#1: Faux Fur Charm Keychain:

Faux Fur Charm Keychains

Available in a variety of colors, this one of a kind Faux Fur Charm Key Chain, Clip on Key Holder, Cellphone clip, Purse clip is made with a soft, fluffy faux fur pom, with a heavy duty clip and key ring included. Unique charms have been added to personalize for every theme! Choose one to match her personality.

 Discover our Faux Fur Keychains here.


#2: Bereavement Jewelry:

 Bereavement Jewelry

When you want to show your love and support for your best girlfriend, why not offer her a beautiful and unique bereavement jewelry piece? With many different pieces to choose from, we are sure that you will find the exact one that matches her taste. Whether it's to remember a lost mom, dad or even a beloved pet, we have memorial jewelry to cover it.

 Discover our Bereavement Jewelry pieces here.


#3: Clasp-Free Memory Wire Bracelets:

Clasp Free Memory Wire Bracelet

There is nothing like a beautiful bracelet to show your girl love. But these are different. They are clasp-free and are made with memory wire. This ensures that they hold their shape all the time on the wrist.

One of the best things about clasp-free memory wire bracelets is that you have plenty to choose from. You may pick one that comes in her favorite color, one that includes an animal such as a dolphin, or even one that includes crystals. Custom requests are welcome so your options are endless.

Discover our beautiful Clasp-Free Memory Wire Bracelets here.


#4: Charms:

If your friend likes charms, then you already have the perfect gift idea. The problem is that you may find it difficult to choose the right one. So, we made things easier for you. Instead of just one, you can get different charm themes in a beautiful gift box. This way, your girlfriend will not get only one but a charm box of six (6) charms to swap out any time! She can then clip any of these charms to her keyring, mobile phone, earring hoops, purse, zipper, bracelet, or necklace. It is up to her. Awesome!

Discover our unique charms here.


#5: Ocean Wave Swarovski Crystal Bracelet:

Ocean Wave Crystal Bracelet

In case your girlfriend loves sparkle, you should definitely consider the Ocean Wave Swarovski Crystal Bracelet.

This beautiful blue colored bracelet is made with Genuine Swarovski crystals and includes a pretty Ocean Wave dangle. However, in case you believe your girlfriend would prefer a different color or charm, you can simply request it. This way, you can make sure she will love her gift.

 This bracelet also includes a 2-inch extension chain to allow for the perfect fit.

Check out the Ocean Wave Swarovski Crystal Bracelet here


And last but not least-

#6: Inspirational Message Jewelry:

Inspirational Jewelry

If your girlfriend is into inspirational messages and positive affirmations, you may offer her a beautiful piece from our Inspirational/Religious collection. A positive vibe charm dangles from a tarnish free stainless steel bangle. 

Discover our beautiful Inspirational Jewelry here.


Ladybugfeet Designs has a variety of gifts for every type of friend. Between gorgeous Faux Fur Charm keychains, the endless variety of bracelets, sparkly earrings, and chokers with pendants, you have plenty of options if bling is her thing!  And remember, custom requests are always welcome!