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Four Things To Get Excited About As Spring Approaches

Four Things To Get Excited About As Spring Approaches

Winter is always fun in the beginning as we blissfully prepare for the holidays and revel in snow-covered landscapes. As time moves on, we can get a bit of the winter blues. The cold days drag on, everything is covered in mud as the snow and ice melt, and we grow tired of indoor activities.

 Everything is going to be alright, though, because Spring 2021 is just around the corner! To prepare for the arrival of Spring weather, here are four things you can get excited about as the temperatures warm up.


#1. Spring Forward In Daylight Savings Time

Spring Forward

 While daylight savings time changes are a topic of hot debate in some places, it’s still practiced throughout most of the US. On March 14th, we will “spring forward.” This can be challenging for some people as we lose an hour’s sleep, but here are some tips to make the transition easier. Daylight savings time helps us line up our clocks to the times the sun is in the sky so that we can be safer and promote active lifestyles.

#2. Spring Cleaning To Shake Off Winter

 While people don’t often romanticize their chores, there is something so satisfying about a good old-fashioned “spring cleaning.” It helps freshen up the home and make it feel brighter and more spacious. It’s time to shake out the doormats, clean the windows and window-wells, deep clean the microwave, and declutter every room of the house. You’ll want to take it room by room and have an action plan. Get the whole family involved, having kids help clean their rooms and declutter their old toys.

 For more tips like these, check out this list by Good Housekeeping. Give your home a fresh start for spring.


#3. Spring Weddings, Even If They Are Smaller Gatherings

 Spring is a beautiful time for weddings! The flowers are blooming, and the greenery is livening up. While we are still suffering the effects of a global pandemic, some gathering limits have been eased. Weddings might be smaller this year, but they are still taking place! Here is a beautiful opal rose multi-colored Swarovski crystal rhinestone bracelet that would be perfect for a bride.

#4. Spring Fashion And Jewelry 2021

 Spring fashion is always exciting. We get to put away chunky winter layers and brighten things up with colors and patterns. This year we’ll be seeing the return of wide-leg pants, exaggerated statement collars, and sorbet pastel tones.

 If you’re looking for some fun spring jewelry ideas, check out our adjustable bangles, which make an excellent gift for family and friends. You can also get fun jewelry for kids in our Ladybugfeet Children’s Jewelry & GIft section. This colorful owl bracelet is perfect for Spring with light pinks and greens in a golden-colored setting and a custom color faux suede band.


As you take these steps, you will get more and more excited about Spring’s arrival. Hopefully, this season we will continue to conquer COVID and start to get out more to see family and friends at last.

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