How to Stay Trendy with Jewelry for Fall 2022

How to Stay Trendy with Jewelry for Fall 2022

How to Stay Trendy with Jewelry for Fall 2022

Fall is one of the trickiest seasons when it comes to staying on trend, while still showcasing your own personal style. Thankfully, all you need is a little advice--and some fantastic jewelry--to transform your fall jewelry collection into something memorable and fashionable. The following guide will help you learn how to stay on trend with your jewelry for fall.


Cuffs, cuffs--and more cuffs

 Cuffs are the “in” bracelet of the season! Cuffs don’t often show up on trendy jewelry reports, but when they do, they definitely make a splash. For this fall, look for cuffs that are going to stand out. Chunky cuffs, solid gold or silver cuffs, and cuffs made with linked, stacked bracelets are all hot items for the fall jewelry season.


Stacking rings

Rings are one of the most versatile types of everyday jewelry, and here’s why: one ring looks elegant, two looks like a statement, and three or more is an eye-catching trend. For the fall season, opt for stacking rings (at least two, but hey, have fun with it!) to make your everyday jewelry look into something extraordinary.


Brooches (not like what grandma used to wear!)

 Brooches are back! Brooches are perhaps one of the most underrated forms of casual jewelry. This might be because they are often associated with outdated trends. But as they say, what is old is made new again, and that is the case for brooches this fall. Modern brooches are more stylish and can really elevate an outfit. Brooches for this fall can either be bold statement pieces, or something smaller for a quieter everyday jewelry look.


Charm necklaces

One of the most unique trends for fall jewelry this year is charm necklaces. Charm necklaces combine the uniqueness of charm bracelets with the aesthetic style of a necklace. The charms on these necklaces are typically larger than the ones you’d find on a charm bracelet, but that’s what makes them great potential statement pieces. This style pairs well with fall fashion styles, making them ideal for putting on when the leaves start changing color.


Statement earrings

Jewelry for fall is all about curating a fall outfit that showcases your personal style and preferences while walking the runway-led walkway of trends. And that is exactly where the concept of statement earrings comes in. Statement jewelry as a whole is the perfect way to make your ensemble stand out, but earrings are a whole ‘other ball game.


They can give your look some personal flair, or represent some facet of yourself that you want to share with the world. Earrings that use your birthstone, or your favorite animal, or a hobby you love to do are all potential statement-making styles.


Of course… any self-respecting guide on jewelry for fall wouldn’t end without recommending that you incorporate some fall flair into your jewelry style for the season! If you want to show off statement earrings that are truly seasonal, consider some Halloween-themed earrings to make your outfit shine.


Ready for the fall? Make sure to keep these jewelry for fall tips in mind as you enter the autumn season!

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