Trending Jewelry for This Summer 2022

Trending Jewelry for This Summer 2022

Trending Jewelry for This Summer 2022

Shimmer, glimmer, ooooo! Shiny things! Pitter-patter of tiny Ladybugfeet bringing you the most trendy of summer bling.  Enter Summer 2022 which is anticipating some significant trends. Prada, Fendi, and Hermes have already launched their fashion-worthy cuffs, but there are other roman inspired trends coming this Summer. Body chains, artistic hair clips, and fancy chokers are making a comeback as well. 

Keep scrolling for the top 4 jewelry items you need in your summer wardrobe for 2022. 

1.  Cuffs 

The new trends in the summer of 2022 include jewelry cuffs. With a Greek Goddess flair, these cuffs will be the best accent price to any of your fav summer outfits. You can pair this with some body chains or keep it clean with a matching choker. 

The simpler the cuff, the classier it is. But if you want to add detail, consider some charms to make it a personable item. 


2.  Hairpins 

If you have picked up a fashion magazine this summer season you may have seen the chunky hairpin trend. The shiny blingy hairpins are all in this summer if you can find a hairpin with a blue accent color for more flair.

Other hairpins can spell out fun words, be all crystals or some are made of clay and colors. But all hairpins this summer are a total trend for 2022.  


3.  Chokers 

This summer we are embracing the choker trend in summer 2022. If you feel that chokers aren’t for you, consider looking at some mixed bead chokers. Even multi-layer chokers can be a great alternative to the classic tight 90s choker. 


4. Summer-themed Bracelets 

It is handcrafted, and romantic, reminding you of the sounds and smells of the sea. An ocean of beauty sunning itself on your wrist. So many stunning options from the sea and land! All this and more are incorporated in this must-have jewelry accent to bring out the color of your eyes, and show off the depth of a tan. Bring attention to a new dress or outfit.


The Final Touch 

If you are ready for summer 2022 trends in jewelry you can pick any of the previous pieces to complete your collection. These are the best options to brighten your collection and stay on-trend. 


If you found something you can’t live without, make sure to order today. Since these are high-demand items for Summer 2022 they won’t last long. 

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