The Top 5 Trending Jewelry finds - Spring 2022

The Top 5 Trending Jewelry finds - Spring 2022

The Top 5 Trending Jewelry finds - Spring 2022

It’s clear that we have missed dressing up the past couple of years. The Spring trends for 2022 are heavy on the use of trending jewelry to enhance the simplest outfit. Lately we have seen the trend of a simple gold chain with t-shirt and sweatpants in trendy dance videos, or on Pinterest. The runways IRL this year have confirmed that each piece doesn't need to be a statement piece but can be a simple choker or chain.

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Paperclip chains are on the way-out making space for maximalists' styles and juicy colors. The Spring 2022 trends for jewelry have a nostalgic feel paired with elegance. You can have a strand of pearls next to 90’s beads and it will be the next 2022 trend in jewelry. 

Spring 2022 will be the definition of not leaving your house without the two most important things in fashion, sunglasses and trending jewelry. That’s why we have compiled the top 5 trends in jewelry for spring of this year. 

Continue scrolling if you are looking for inspiration on what to wear on your next outing past your driveway. 

Top 5 Trending Jewelry Styles

1. Maximalist

Maximalism has made a comeback after years of minimalism in fashion in general. That means you should embrace vibrant chunky rings, and layers of crafty beads as seen in the zero report for their take on this year's trends. 

Crafty beads have been a maximalists dream in fashion forever. There is a sense of art deco chic, and nostalgia when we look at the best ways to use maximalist styling. Consider a bold geode earring for your next fashion statement or go full maximalist with mix-and-match earring sets

Both pieces will have you in a colorful bohemian mindset the entire time you wear this maximalist trend. Don’t be afraid to layer it with a choker or add more pops of color. 

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2. Choker

The fashion industry has seen the choker come and go at a consistent basis. This time the Spring choker trend isn’t the cheap plastic pieces we’ve seen in the 90’s. Instead look for velvet chokers or make a statement with a sparkly black choker

When you are looking for the best choker for your outfit, let other pieces bring in pop of color, keep your choker simple with neutral tones. If you have a lighter complexion look for darker chokers, If you have a darker complexion consider lighter choker necklaces.

If you want to combine the Maximalist trend of crafty beads with your choker, then search for crystal chokers with pendants. This style of choker checks all the boxes for jewelry trends in spring fashion. 

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3. Accent Chain

The accent Chain has made a strong comeback during the past few years. It is the minimalist trend that is staying for spring of 2022. The simple chain can enhance even the blandest of outfits. Even if you are running to the convenient store in joggers and a t-shirt, the simple chain can spruce up your outfit to feel complete. 

This Spring's accent chains are going from simple gold bar towards witchy aesthetic. No worries, you don’t have to go full pentagram if that’s not your thing. Instead look for worldy simple chains with a star, or a moon as the charm. Bonus if you can find a simple chain and earring set

4. Layers

We saw layers with simple chains last spring, but this year the fashion industry is taking it to a new level. It’s almost as if we are all making up for lost time and searching for some of the most eccentric pieces to date

There is no limit to how you want to layer your pieces this spring. Some of our favorite trends include the combination of simplicity and colorful. The multicolor bracelet combined with a few nostalgic 90’s beaded stretch bracelets are one of our favorite eccentric piece combinations. 

You can go the other route and combine some pearls with the colorful beads, either way the half simple, have maximalist style is in and we are here for it. 

5. Juicy Colors

Through our research for the spring 2022 fashion trends, we kept seeing color after color. Neon is making a clear comeback this spring, but not without other juicy candy colors. We have seen a natural, turquoise-colored bracelets paired with bright neon colors. 

If you are sick of the neutrals that have been in season for the past two years, then this spring is your time to shine away from the blah and step into the color wheel. The combination of neutrals and bright neon's are a great transition into the next spring's trending jewelry. 

How to Choose the Correct Trending Jewelry for your Aesthetic:

When you are looking which trend to add to your wardrobe, consider what you already have. There are times in the fashion industry you may be able to re-purpose something you already have. Then you can splurge on a few pieces that will make a larger impact on choosing the correct trending jewelry for your aesthetic.

We are excited to see that nostalgia and maximalism is back in the fashion industry. The remnants of the 90's have been lurking in the shadows of the fashion industry with the mom jeans and crop tops. We are glad to see people enjoying the addition of layers, and craft beads back into their wardrobes to complete the 90's baby aesthetic.

Whether you are a fashionista, or someone looking to spruce up their spring attire, a few solid pieces of jewelry can make the entire outfit feel complete. 

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